Blogging Lite (and good morning)

Blogging’s been light and sporatic – maybe later today I can pick up again. But the real world will have its way with us at times.

Can you list the number of reasons (there are many) why a Droid is the  w-r-o-n-g  device for a woman of a certain age? Watch me go to the Verizon store and go all old lady on those kids and see if I can unsign that damn contract.

Meanwhile, as you know, today is the 143rd day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

3 responses to “Blogging Lite (and good morning)

  1. You know, of course, that I can’t imagine a “need” for this or similar devices. This would seem to be especially true of someone like you who is tethered to your home computer so much of the time. Good luck with Verizon.


    • This time my friend you are right. And I was wrong. It’s much more than I need and possibly more than I even want. If I can’t get it undone, perhaps it’s craigslist time – to unload the droid AND the contract. Ugh!


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