Good Sunday morning

For two decades CBS Sunday Morning has been a tradition in my family. First with the unique and never-to-be-equaled-in-my-lifetime Charles Kurault (who basically invented the show). He was replaced with the able and perfectly suited Charles Osgood, who was off today. Sitting (or standing actually) in was someone from the CBS News stable whose name I didn’t catch.

For the twenty or so years since it began, CBS Sunday Morning has been among the very best 90 minutes on television. Great stories with wide appeal, original, well reported and given substantive time. Commenters address a wide variety of  topics and are usually clever and smart. (I love Nancy Giles).

I hope this morning’s show is not a harbinger of what we may expect when Osgood retires, which he eventually will of course. I’ve pretty much given up on the other Sunday morning news shows. I would hate to abandon this one to the inanity that’s taken over most TV news.

But for now I still enjoy a bit of Sunday morning and wonder if the troops in Afghanistan get that kind of a break. They’re pretty busy with the 142nd day of the ninth year of the War there.

4 responses to “Good Sunday morning

  1. Typical Texan

    I like “Meet the press”. To me, it is by far the most serious and straight to the point of all the sunday morning shows. I do not see how anyone half-way serious about politics could miss it.


    • I used to like Meet The Press. Then Tim Russert turned every show into a ‘gotcha’, which was nothing but theatre – for an audience of cynics. I want to know what politicians are doing and why, not what they said about it seven years ago!

      In spite of it, I keep stopping in to these shows – can’t give them up entirely.


  2. Typical Texan

    I hear you. Yeah, everyone is cynical these days. I certainly don’t like it, either. But unfortunately, in politics, it is by all means a required evil. I certainly do not presume to teach “an old vet” like you. But in politics especially, cynicism is an antonym for naivity.


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