I just went out to bring the garbage cans back from the end of  the driveway. I could see my breath.

This is south Florida.

6 responses to “Up.side.down.

  1. SHHHHH! QUIET, you’re going to make people think there is no climate change. Hey, BTW, how about those two collosal icebergs down south? Latest news is that they will dramatically affect global weather if they don’t start to move. Global warming, what global war… Captain Iceberg off the port bow!!


    • Well, you know, the deniers are enjoying the hell out of this winter as if it disproves climate change. They won’t get their minds around the fact that this winter IS climate change. Warm temps, warm water, more moisture in air. And slightly lower temps means it’s not too cold to snow.

      But you know that. They don’t. Or won’t.


  2. I wonder if people had similar discussions with people who knew the earth was flat, or that Lamarkian evolution was the correct hypothesis?

    Science is one of those topics where one can approach being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. AGW is a major contributor to climate change. People can deny that, but then simply, they are wrong.

    Concomitantly, there is a certain pleasure in showing people why and how exactly wrong they are in a methodological fashion.

    It is harder to do in the social sciences where there is much more nuance and shading involved.


    • [much more nuance and shading involved.]

      Watch what you’re saying there missy – that’s almost unAmerican. Even if you are Canadian.

      I think if I hear one more “well, so much for that global warming thing” comment, I’m going to start shooting. It’s not just the ignorance of the science, it’s the arrogance, taking pride in the ignorance.

      The very sad fact is that as warming starts playing out, the evidence will be respun. You know “well sure there are more hurricanes, but those AGW wackoos said we were going ot have droughts!!!”

      That these hypothetical hurricanes are in the Caribbean and the droughts were predicted for, say, Utah, will make not a whit of difference. A sound bite is a sound bite.


  3. “Science is one of those topics ‘where’ one can approach being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. ”

    Didn’t you mean “…topics ‘in which’ one can approach being…

    Darn preview button… I used to not be able to spell English teacher, now I is one. 🙂


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