Something I didn’t know

Hard to believe of course. Here’s something I didn’t know:

” . . . it’s notable that despite the claims that all these revelations have seriously damaged the public’s confidence in “climate science,” 54 percent of voters in Republican pollster Frank Luntz’s poll, released on January 21, 2010, believed that climate change is either “definitely” or “probably” occurring, compared with just 18 percent who believed that it is “definitely” or “probably” not occurring. An even larger majority, 63 percent, say they believe climate change is likely caused by humans. So far, at least, the skeptics have lost the larger battle, despite the irresponsible reporting of it in the media.”

From Eric Alterman’s column at American Progress, which I recommend to anyone interested in a reporter’s examination of the issue, the coverage and the known facts. Alterman is primarily a media critic, so go there just for the fun of it. When observing the state of today’s media, he’s kind of  Jon Stewart as an academic, with glasses and a beard. More serious, but just as biting. He’s at The Nation too.

12 responses to “Something I didn’t know

  1. Moe;
    I looked at your source for this claim. You might as well quote Al Gore. The so called poll was taken by: E & E … •E&E formed as independent company. Publishes Environment & Energy Weekly, a printed weekly for people who make and influence energy and environmental legislation in the U.S. Congress.

    They may as well work for the government.

    Eric Alterman’s column appears in the Center for American Progress … “Progressive Ideas…” which means ultra far left.

    Come on, you can do better than that.

    This may help enlighten you dear.


  2. Looking at the poll it’s difficult to even draw a conclusive opinion. It’s got Dem, GOP, Opinion Elite, and Total.
    Frank Luntz is a professional “word and language” changer or manipulator, not meaning that in a deragotory way.
    I think your post is as misleading as the ‘progressive’ articles reporting the wierd poll itself.

    Just like the article today:

    I’ll give these guys credit; they follow to the letter … the bigger lie … the more likely people are to believe it.
    It is written Moe: “prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” It behooves one to “prove”, or really search out the truth about things, lest one is lead astray.


    • Steve

      If you think Frank Luntz is not to be believed on a matter of polling republicans, that pretty much leaves no reputable source for you.

      As for drawing a conclusion, that’s what all those reporter types do for us. They read it and write abut it so we don’t have to!

      But it’s pretty clear from the poll – Republicans think global warming is happening, it’s a serious problem, and we are likely causing it.

      You don’t need to believe it. But it’s there.

      By the way, as to the Express article that this has been the warmest January on record – all I’ve heard and read says that same thing. It would absolutely explain all the snow. If it were colder – which is the norm in, say, the northeast, it would be too cold to snow.


      • My point exactly Moe. ‘reporter types do … so we don’t have to’. Inspite of what you think about me, I research ANYTHNG I read to ‘prove’ the veracity of it. (and I don’t watch Fox News … I don’t watch television) If you take a reporter’s word for anything, you’re being foolish … that’s exactly what I’m talking about. “prove” all things.
        “Too cold to snow”… and what temp might that be? I have a friend that moved from here to Minnesota last year and in the middle of the winter she called me and said “it’s 40 below” and the snow was so deep she couldn’t let her dog (German shepard) out to pee. You don’t see how ridiculous “too cold to snow” is?
        Anyway, climate change is a natural occurance and the ones in power see it as a means to their end. When you wake up little lady, America isn’t going to be anything you’re going to like.
        But I still like you! Have a great evening!


        • I know you don’t watch television Steve and I am in awe. There was a period when I was in my thirties when I had no tv and it was fine with me. But I”m afraid today I would wither and die. Take away CSpan and the Weather Channel and I”d shrivel up.

          [Anyway, climate change is a natural occurance and the ones in power see it as a means to their end. ]
          You do realize that most of the people who put ‘climate change’ on our radar have since died (this has been going for decades – on some of the issues since the 1860’s). We’re into second and htird generations now – so what is their ‘end’ that htey are using climate change to arrive at?

          You have a good weekend Steve.


      • I can believe that poll. I think the skeptics have lost the majority. I still fall on the side of skepticism.

        Your point about this going on for decades is true and it has been chronicled in TIME magazine. It is actually pretty funny, for the past 150 years scientist have flipped back and forth between thinking the world is warming or cooling.

        I am all for humanity doing things to clean up the earth. I am not for drastic changes in government based on this so called settled subject.

        To cold to snow? I have lived in D.C. for six years now and it usually snows once or twice per winter. It doesn’t snow because the temperature never gets below freezing. This winter D.C. was dumped with snow more than ever before in recorded history. As I look out the window, the snow is all gone now since it has been 55 degrees for about a week now. (normal winter temps)


        • It’s already 55 in DC? Well you must now be enjoying what in eastern CT we called ‘mud season’.

          I got that too cold to snow thing wrong and Steve corrected me too. (Sorry Steve for not acknowledging earlier.)

          [I am not for drastic changes in government based on this so called settled subject.]

          How could the world reduce the amount of CO2 going into the air without treaties and regulations?

          That doesn’t mean the market would not be a huge part of this – we need only look at what happened when gas approached $5 a gallon. It reignited the hunger for gas efficient vehicles which we’d gotten away from over the last 30 years. And people drove less. It was remarkable and it happened faster than anyone could have imagined before.

          But things like catalytic converters, recycling, banning chloroflourocarbons (I know big words!), cleaner air and water – all government action.

          Remember what Dick Cheney said back when he was forming his energy advisory group? Something about conservation being an admirable personal virtue but it had no place in a serious policy discussion about energy.



    • [I think your post is as misleading as the ‘progressive’ articles reporting the wierd poll itself.]

      Meant to say Steve – everyone is reporting it. Not partisan – it’s being covered because it’s news.


  3. Typical Texan

    Global Warming is a myth. Plain. And. Simple. Surely, our capitalist ways are destructive to the natural order of things. However, global warming is NOT one of the results. You know, I found it extremely satisfying that when they held that meeting in Denmark a while back, it was very cold, even for Copenhagen! And just 2 weeks ago, we got 12-18 inches of snow here in Texas, almost up to the knees. It broke THE ALL TIME RECORD! Yeah, right. The Earth is getting hotter. We may have more snow, and it is bitter cold, but we are gonna burn up! Why some leftists feel the need to perpetuate such a lie is beyond me. We have plenty of ammunition to use against the Right, no need to make up PEA-BRAINED LIES!!!


    • Don’t confuse weather and climate. Global warming is not in the least partisan – I don’t know how in the world this became a left/right issue in this country.

      Upthread I said something so poorly that I ended up saying something that was outright wrong (imagine! me – wrong!). Steve and Timmy K called me on it – correctly. What I was trying to say was that warmer temperatures increase ocean evaporation and that is what puts more moisture into the atmosphere and that means more rain and more snow. Such as we saw this winter. That’s what I meant to say, guys.

      Global warming isn’t a myth. It isn’t a doctrine. And it certainly has no politics.


  4. No problem….

    Everything is a left/right issue. I wish it wasn’t. i think Global warming is still more of a theory than a fact… the most logical explanation for my opinion is that we just don’t have enough evidence to prove anything. Carbon and oxygen levels in ice samples don’t accurately prove anything from 1 thousand to 5 million years ago.

    It becomes a political issue as soon as the government gets involved. So you can thank Al Gore for that…


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