Thank you Jesus!

GM will shut down the Hummer line. Which is cool, since we own GM and all and we’re trying to pass legislation to limit carbon emissions.

It was always the silliest car and when I saw them parked in the supermarket lot . . . . lots of laughs. Kind of  like how early tv reporters wore safari hats when they reported from anywhere in the southern hemisphere.

12 responses to “Thank you Jesus!

  1. Good riddance. The Hummer is totally “yesterday”. I can only imagine how valuable a fully restored Hummer will be in 50 years, however. You know what I like? The new Dodge Charger. It emanates masculine power! My all-time favorites? The ’68 GTO, ’69 Charger; and the ’70 Challenger, which was a GM classic.


  2. Correction. I meant that the ’68 GTO was a GM classic.


  3. Absolutely. Think about how rare looking it is, even in this day and age. And even today, there is not too many of them. In 50 years, it will be coveted. Just look at how desirable the classic Chevy El Camino is. The Hummer looks 10 times more unique. Anyway, No. I don’t think there has ever been a Southern male who has not idolized the “goat”, aka GTO. In paticular, the ’68 GTO, which is Masculinity Incarnate. Ahh… The ’68 GTO, it put the “muscle” in “muscle cars”. As a southern FEMALE, you would surely love to have one!


  4. I’m 100% straight. But even I would love to have the boy that has one! 😉


  5. I was an old Buick fan. HUGE seats which made for good fun at the drive ins!


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