Going to miss the ‘summit’

Well, mostly going to miss it. Watching now, but have to head out to a meeting. May I say – and I’ve never noticed this before – Nancy Pelosi is a terrible speaker. She is not clear and she misspeaks.

Obama didn’t name a single congressional Republican in his opening remarks. Alexander named a half dozen Dems. Pelosi – so far – has not named a single GOP congress critter. Just sayin’.

And, as usual, I wish they would all leave the sad, sad stories outside the door. Bleh! We have heard these before.

UPDATE:  I missed a lot and when I got back, CSPAN had moved to the House and the Senate. The ‘summit’ is on CSPAN 3 which is a premium channel down my way. MSNBC has hockey. FOX is covering it maybe a little here and there. Which left me with the dreaded Wolf Blitzer and possibly the very worst panel in CNN history.

Donna Brasile. Candy Crowley. Mary Matelin. Gloria Borger. (David Gergen was there, but he’s pretty much turned into a place holder.) The only one missing was Bill Bennett.

They’re running very little live summit now – they have calculated, incorrectly, that they are far more interesting – especially when they guess about what’s being said because they can’t watch what’s being said when they are busy talking about what they think is being said. CNN has not figured out something that seems basic to me – the people who are watching the summit on CNN want to see the summit. Not Candy Crowley.

10 responses to “Going to miss the ‘summit’

  1. Moe, where has all the money gone? We should have more than enough to take care of everybody’s health care. We should have new bridges and great schools. Even in the black neighborhoods. Where did ALL of America’s money go? What happened? Was it given to the Saudi’s? Did we get robbed? We spent all this money and we are in debt. Yet we have nothing to show for it. Well, except really awesome fighter planes and tanks! But that’s it. Please tell me where has ALL America’s money gone?


    • To the Pentagon and National Security Administration.

      The 2009 U.S. military budget is almost as much as the rest of the world’s defense spending combined and is over nine times larger than the military budget of China

      And the budget for the NSA is classified, so we just don’t know about that one. That’s where your infrastructure money goes.

      As for medical spending, the American people already spend per capita more than anyone else in the world – but we insist on spending most of it through for-profit corporations and we insist on allowing drug companies to market and advertise directly to consumers. If we had a universal or single payer system, we’d save trillions.

      We always say we’re the ‘best’ and in many ways we are. But with these two things, seems a few billions of people outside the US have figured how to do things better. We’d be wise to learn from them.


  2. C-Span3 is here.

    A quick thought, when Obama tries to “fight” he becomes very arrogant..


    • Thanks for the link. I should have looked for it myself. Re Obama – he’s not a good fighter; I don’t think he looked good here – never actually using the authority he has. He was altogether too accommodating. And yes, he does look arrogant.


  3. Btw. how come candy got the sunday state of the union? it’s just crap now.


    • Is state of the union Sunday one? Where ‘s John King? What a sad lineup they have. (except for Fareed and Christiana)


      • King will start his own show on weekdays at 7pm eastern very soon, and Blitzer is down to two hours from 5pm.

        But those pundits.. a few have some real experience and know stuff, the others are mostly concerned about their own feelings about things. The best commentary on the health summit was found at the blogs!


  4. I’m not seeing the arrogance. I’m not sure what body language I’m missing, but I don’t see it. I see a guy sitting among among dozens of jerks who have made claims he’s going to destroy America and looking pretty fearless while being surrounded by so many that eagerly want to see him fail. Maybe I’m mistaking moxy for arrogance.

    Seeing this summit reminds me so clearly of why I could never be in politics because I would just want to say “Hey Mr. Death Panel — F’ you. Oh nice to see you Mr. Obamacare is Tyranny — F’ you. Thanks for coming Mr. Birther F’ you.”


    • ..to me it’s more the tone he’s using, and the patronizing voice, every once in a while. He really looks down on some of these folks, as inferior and corrupt, but maybe he should conceal it a little better, but that’s just my view anyway..
      and personally i think i would have exploded when some f**khole started whining about “government takeover” and “start afresh”.
      Well F**K YOU. In front of the camera he,he..

      But there actually was some good relief the other day, a refreshingly outspoken politician;
      check out weiner calling out the gop as a health insurance industry subsidiary on the house floor. already a classic on the web!
      he really lifts your spirits this guy. all five minutes. sit back and enjoy..


    • Antonio – Obama has what I’d call a professorial detachment when someone else is speaking. He’s listening, but he keeps himself above it until he’s heard entirely what the other person has to say. And while I admire that quality in the real world, when I see it on teevee, it looks like arrogance. I figure if I can see it and I love the guy, well . . .

      By the way, I’m with you about why I could never be in politics. I’ve sat on a few nonprofit boards and it took me forever to learn to sit on my hands and bite my tongue. I react too quickly. So if you were at that table telling ’em all to F*off, I’d probably be right behind you making stupid faces.


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