Bunning’s got his. So what’s the problem.

Right now, Claire McCaskill and Dick Durbin having a hell of a time on the Senate floor arguing with Sen Jim Bunning (R-Ky). McCaskill just read out the names of the GOP Senators who voted for Medicare Part D in 2005 – completely unfunded and without a concern of any kind for paying for it.  I’m not even sure what the issue is yet, but this is quite unusual. And f-u-n.

Ah – here we go: the matter on the floor has to do with renewing unemployment benefits for 30 days and COBRA for 30 days. Bunning has held up this routine legislative issue for 90 days because he wants it ‘paid for’. The benefits expire Sunday night. So they’re talking. This is a good one.

McCaskill is comparing the $300 million in tax cuts for the rich on the credit card to withholding unemployment with a demand to pay for it.

Hey Sen. Bunning, hell of a place to put your foot down on deficit spending. HR4691 is the bill for 30 day extension. Don’t know if I’ll stay up late enough to see what happens.

UPDATE: This story was prominent on a lot of blogs and newsites this morning. Even Time Magazine‘s Swampland noticed it. So what I caught on CSPAN last night was indeed unusual. Glad I got to hear it.

One response to “Bunning’s got his. So what’s the problem.

  1. Many proposals would cap the annual development in Medicare expenditures and shift Medicare from what is now a “defined benefit” program to some “defined contribution” system. Other proposals would strengthen the role from the new Independent Payment Advisory Board, restructure Medicare benefits and cost-sharing requirements, eliminate first-dollar coverage in Medigap policies, increase Medicare premiums, enhance the chronilogical age of Medicare eligibility beyond age 65, and lower Medicare spending through changes towards the Medicare drug benefit.


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