Hope they remember what they’ve come for

So the girls and boys are all lined up outside Blair House in their prom dresses and tuxes. Word is that half of them aren’t happy with their dates. No one is wearing a corsage or buttonairre so I guess those have gone out of style. There’s no curfew and while there will be no drinking inside, I imagine a few bottles await the prom goers later today.

I understand they’ll be carrying their Blackberrys. So some of them will be tweeting while others are talking. I think they need a good fifth grade teacher in there to slap those things right out of their hands. Our Congress Critters are of course quite free to carry on and tweet away, so that teacher should then fix them with the schoolmarm glare –Ā  and the message in the stare would be – you are being RUDE. Very very rude.

I wonder if, while tweeting, they’ll manage to notice that today is the 139th day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

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