Boehner is a joke

House Minority Leader Boehner finally has his beloved health care negotiation out in the public sphere. For almost a year, he’s been condemning the White House and the Dem majority (the ones we elected) to stop meeting ‘behind closed doors’ and make the negotiations public, where the American people could see them.

Finally, as they always do, the Democrats capitulated, although not exactly the way Boehner wanted it. He calls tomorrow’s meeting “a six-hour taxpayer-funded infomercial on ObamaCare”.

Perhaps Mr. Boehner could explain to me what exactly was the way he wanted it?

3 responses to “Boehner is a joke

  1. Oh, that Boehner! He’s just a caution ain’t he? He complained about the health reform bill because it was too long (all that readin’ and stuff) and now he complains about Obama’s 11 page outline as being too short. Who could have guessed Boehner would be the Goldilocks of Congress?


  2. Goldilocks indeed! Thanks for the new nickname for Boehner.


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