Under the tent

Glenn Beck. A classic revival preacher on the edge of town, set up in his tent, getting the town folk all worked up and passing the hat.

That is all.

3 responses to “Under the tent

  1. The thing that really tickles me about Beck, is how he gets himself all worked up over nothing, and then scurries on over to his black-board in his blue jeans and sports coat, to deduce for his audience why his latest absurd suggestion holds water. And that thing with the phone! Like the White House would call him. Maybe he has never heard that some charges are so ridiculus, they’re not worth answering. And doesn’t he claim to be bipartisan? Funny.


  2. Well, he deserves no press at all, and you succinctly summed up all one needs to know about a cypher of history…Thanks Moe….good one…


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