Flip flops are for Dems

This chart is straight from a CPAC poll taken at this weekend’s extravaganza.

It popped up at the bestest ever conservo-blog of the year (just bought by TownHall.com – which makes it sort of like same sex marriage?)

Anyway, that decade long mantra that gay-marriage-is-going-to-kill-marriage-and-everyone-is-going-to-have-to-get-all-gay-married? Not so much actually. Check out the bottom bar of this chart.

(and just in case you can’t read the blurry type, stopping gay marriage is the second most important issue to one percent. Not one person considered it the most important issue.)

4 responses to “Flip flops are for Dems

  1. The Center Square

    Well, bully for them. Actually, I have to express a certain respect for this. The social engineering side of modern conservatism has always repulsed me, and fundamentally contradicts their whole limited government thing. Good to see the fiscal responsibility side leading the way.


  2. Doing away with abortion is more important to them than the economy.


  3. Heartening as that statistc may be, it is very disheartening that “reducing healthcare costs” scores about the same.


  4. Ed and Ben:

    It is indeed how shockingly low the economy and health care rated. I notice that the way that economy question is phrased, it’s probably the “stimulating” that turned them off. They’re all bully about having the economy-fairy drop down in her sparkly gown to make government smaller, something that we all know will never happen.

    And Center – On the right, while the loudest segment got most of the coverage, the party never came through for them because they never constituted a voting majority.

    And ditto for the Dems. The fiscal middle gave us Bill Clinton. And Obama won’t even go near liberal wish lists.

    Wishes never come true in politics.


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