Good morning

So CPAC is swinging into it second day, all full of new energy after an infusion of crap (sorry) from their old friend – and ours – Richard Cheney, former vice-president of the these United States. He was introduced to the squeals and cries and thunderous applause of his surprised audience by his really vile daughter, Liz Cheney.

Vietnam? Where was that?

I’m tired of seeing her on Sunday morning shows. She is rude.

And so the CPAC crowd basked in the Cheney sunshine, as he thundered on his usual themes. Democrats will kill you. Terrorists will kill you. Taxes will kill you. Health care will kill you. They love that stuff.

But off in Afghanistan, there are thousands of troops who know exactly what will kill you. Bullets and bombs, my friends, bullets and bombs. They’re still ducking those on the 133rd day of the ninth year of the war there.

6 responses to “Good morning

  1. That number on the war has risen quite a bit since i first came to this blog.. But now things are happening, don’t you think?


    • Yeah mac, it does look like some things are happening. I hope you keep those links up so I can see what’s happening. Although you have gotten me visiting the Af/Pak Channel.

      My nephew in law in DC just told me he knows Steve Coll and Peter Bergen. Yikes!


      • Really? He should have some good conversations then 🙂
        And more links coming up, just felt a little saturated with news this week.. Realclearpolitics just looked like a lot of screaming and whining.. Arguments seem go in circles if you follow to closely. A mental break is needed sometimes!


      • I’m so impressed by that DC relative – that he should know two of the luminaries of the world I follow. I don’t think they’re close friends, but I”m impressed anyway.


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