Miami Marco knocks ’em dead

Florida Republican Marco Rubio gave the opening speech at the big annual Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. this morning.

Those are NOT teleprompters

I’m sure he planned to share grave matters of State with his rapt audience, but first he had to fulfill his contractual obligation as a CPAC speaker, and take his turn with Obama-uses-Teleprompters-omg-the-commies-are-coming!

There were two Teleprompters in front of him.

(CPAC no doubt made an error installing them – we all know conservatives don’t need Teleprompters.)

Rubio said what will no doubt be his clarion call up to November: 2010 is a referendum on the very identity of our nation.

Well, that sucks. Dear god, don’t let him be my senator.

He also – most charmingly – often used the Limbaugh insult: Democrat Party.

And he remembered all of that without writing anything on his hands.

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