It’s sad actually

Conservatives, especially of the CPAC variety, need to accept that they are not cool. They do not ‘get’ popular culture. For god’s sake it’s what they rail against. So when they try to ‘get down’ with it, well, don’t look unless you are very strong.

Michael Steele appears to be rubbing off on the whole bunch.

11 responses to “It’s sad actually

  1. God help ’em, they’re gonna need it. Maybe they are trying to lure in the younger crowds. And video games? If my father is any indication of how Conservatives play video games… He doesn’t even know which buttons do what. And did I read that they are gonna have Dance Revolution? Yikes. This article kind of brings to mind Rush Limbaugh dancing to Gaga’s “Poker face”. I love Lady Gaga by the way…


  2. He did it! Limbaugh danced to Gaga. Like? 2 weeks ago. You don’t remember? Google it, and watch on You-Tube! Freaked me out. Freaky!


  3. The way he was pumping and swinging his arms, I swear! He was like, barely moving his feet, but he was wailing his arms. He looked like a caveman sacrificing to some god! I can’t help but wonder how Gaga feels about that. Anyway…


    • You can google up the video of Rush from a big conservative thing last year, when he weighed about 100 lbs more than he does right now – he was waving his arms around so much and bouncing up and down o n his toes at the same time. Hideous.

      Keith Olbermann kept part of the video running in the bottom corner of hte screen and started calling him “Mr. Bouncy Bouncy”. THat alone will get you the video I imagine.


  4. Sounds like something Olbermann would do. Yeah, you conveyed the image pretty well. Anyway, Rush had better settle down. Drugs cause light headiness…He could faint. Peace.


  5. Oh, people are calling him different things. Most say nut, some say hero, I say failure. I mean, what a loser! In his manifesto he carried on as if he was about perpetrate the next 9/11, and yet he only managed 1 single fatality other than himself. Yeah, I say he was as big a loser in death as he was in life. You know, the thing that really gets me is how these silver-spoon mouthed white guys think success is their birthright, and they bitch and moan about taxes, and all that is wrong with a world that is awakening, trying to fix the inequalities that have resulted from centuries of european male oppression. Have you noticed that when a woman or minority goes off the deep end, it is usually sparked by real problems, or at least by enduring years of hardship and equality, but when a white guy goes nuts, it’s about something petty? They think they are entitled. Stack had his own airplane, for pete sake! Can you imagine a black man doing that? “Oh God, I’ve only got a cessna and not a private jet!” *crash*


  6. Correction. Going TO perpetrate. Not “going perpetrate”. After enduring years of INEQUALITY. Not “equality”.


    • S’okay. I got it the first time.

      Sometimes I feel so sorry for those white anglo guys, I could weep. I know a guy who couldn’t play golf today cuz it rained! My heart just broke for him.


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