Cry babies

Today, in his blog at The Washington Post (you know – the paper everyone pretends is part of the liberal media?), Ezra Klein takes aim at the nonsense Republicans are spouting – the constant whine that the Democrats’ health care reform bill doesn’t include any Republican ideas.

That is wrong.

Klein went to “the GOP’s “Solutions for America” homepage, which lays out its health-care plan in some detail. It has four planks. All of them — yes, you read that right — are in the Senate health-care bill.”

He takes them one by one. And proves the lie.

But this is more a media story than a wonky policy fight. Exactly how clever does a reporter have to be to check a fact online? And make that part of his reporting? It is what they’re supposed to do.

So good for Ezra Klein who – despite his age – does the job the way it should be done – but is not being done by his elders, the celebrity stars of the media establishment.

His post wraps up with:

“And finally, we shouldn’t forget the compromises that have been the most painful for Democrats, and the most substantive. This is a private-market plan. Not only is single-payer off the table, but at this point, so too is the public option. The thing that liberals want most in the world has been compromised away.

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