My mouse has wanderlust

I’ve got an odd problem. My mouse acts odd but only when I’m online. AND I keep getting this situation where whatever page I’m on – on its own – starts scrolling to the top and no matter what I do I can’t scroll down. If I have four tabs open, the problem is on each one. A few times, if I wait 10 minutes, the problem disappears. Sometimes if I  wait an hour, it doesn’t. Mostly I close my browser and start all  over, which can be very annoying when I’m in the middle of something.

If it were a mouse problem, it should apply to programs or Outlook. Right? I have already switched mice. Didn’t fix it.

I use Mozilla Firefox. Anybody have any ideas?

13 responses to “My mouse has wanderlust

  1. Try opening Internet Explorer and see if you still have the problem. I had nothing but problems with Firefox but it may just be me. But this is worth a try.


  2. This was sent at 2:54 and that’s what shows on my computer; where did the 3:54 come from?


  3. Cool looking mouse… If I was you, I would try upgrading to a wireless mouse. Or, maybe their is a problem with your Mouse Port, I do not know if blowing any dust out of it would help, but I doubt it. Good Luck.


  4. What kind of mouse do you have Moe? How is connected to your computer (bus/USB)? Also, have you installed the mouse software? Can you replicate the problem in other applications, or is just the web?


  5. many congratulations on your “sunshine award, much deserved and congratulations to the nominees, a great sunshine day 🙂


  6. I have a drawer full of mice including several wireless so don’t buy another one. I’ll give you one when I get you the camera.


  7. I’ve tried this with one wireless, one plugged in optical, and one oldtimey mouse. I’m using Explorer right now at Ed’s suggestion and I’ll see how that goes today.

    Arb: It happens only on the web – not in any other applications.

    Ed – hold on to those mousies – who knows where this weirdness takes me.


  8. I have the same problem using Firefox on a Mac with a Wacom tablet instead of a mouse, so I think it’s a Firefox problem, not a mouse issue.


    • Finn – that’s interesting – and now I’m having other problems with Firefox that doesn’t happen Explorer, specifically the browser just stops working wherever I am. Just stops. Can’t move from tab to tab, can’t scroll, nothing. AND I can’t close in the normal way – have to use Task Manager to shut down.

      Otherwise I really like it. Did you ever solve your problem?


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