Good morning

Because I was out of the house with a dozen stops/appointments yesterday, I was very glad for the warmer weather. Felt so celebratory about it that I got a car wash – the big-time, the in AND out wash. Makes me feel like a kid to see someone else clean up my mess.

I notice that The Hurt Locker has been nominated for Best Picture Oscar. I predicted it.*

And of course that movie brings home the fact that today is the 119th day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

UPDATE*: Saying “I predicted it” is too self congratulatory. I feel like Rush Limbaugh.

7 responses to “Good morning

  1. Cool pic. Is that the guy from the movie getting blown up? So you are in South Florida, and you just got some warm weather…Hmm… Come on, Moe! You always got warm weather! 🙂 Or at least compared to every State, save Hawaii. I am in Fort Worth, and we got great weather, compared to most places. But it is cold now, and I would plum near kill to be where you are! My father has always wanted to move to Key West. Anyway, glad to hear your weather is more tolerable… (;~p)


    • That is the guy who doesn’t get blown up. I think he’s escaping from the one that did kill one of his buddies. It was a terrific movie – did you see it?

      I really like Jeremy Remmer, the lead. He was in a short-lived TV show called “The Unusuals” which I adored. So it was nice to see him again.

      It HAS been cold in FL. Really.


  2. No, I have not gone to the movies in years. I can’t bring myself to shell out 10-15 bucks, more after refreshments, to see a movie that I can get bootlegged! I get first run movies for 5 bucks at the Arab store up the street! It is also possible to wait a couple months, and burn it yourself online. Piracy-Shmiracy!


  3. The Locker is a great movie. And a female director too! That’s nice. Wiki says it’s got nine academy nominations, not bad.. and i still feel the rush of the film just talking about it.


  4. Bet you’re glad you got the car washed. Iv’e been trying for a week but everyday seemed to be a date with rain.


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