Good morning

For the first time in decades, and because I’m seriously overdue for a haircut, I rolled curlers into my newly shampooed hair this morning. It’s been so long that I had some difficulty doing it. (Why hadn’t I tossed them out after ten years? fifteen years? twenty years?)

What are you looking at?

How the lives of American women have changed! As a young woman (when, ironically, I probably had the best figure of my life) I wore a girdle. I ‘set’ my hair every night. I laid out my next-day clothes the night before, freshly ironed of course. I was, after all, merchandise on the market. In those days newspapers separated their help wanted classified ads into Help Wanted WOMEN and Help Wanted MEN. Often the same jobs, but of course the pay scale was quite different. And until the 70’s, we considered this to be normal. In fact, many of us didn’t even think about it.

I like today much better. Those curlers brought back many memories, and triggered thoughts of the future. By the time my great nieces and nephews are adult, gender should have ceased to be of much import (except in terms of reproduction and/or its attendant delights).

Back when I was sleeping on metal rollers every night, many in today’s military hadn’t even been born. Their lives have changed too, because thousands of them are in Afghanistan, where it is the 117th day of the ninth year of the War there.

2 responses to “Good morning

  1. “Help Wanted WOMEN and Help Wanted MEN.” Being born in 1976 I would have never thought they had classifieds separated. You always bring a great perspective to your blog Moe. I always stop in to see what your up to! The life experience you bring to the blog is wondeful!


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