Good morning

Sen. Bernie Sanders is on C-Span being interesting, provocative and challenging. And telling a caller that being a citizen is hard work. Back in the 80’s, I spent a lot of time visiting around Burlington VT and in the Champlain Islands. At that time, Bernie was the long time mayor of Burlington, or – as it was then called – the People’s Republic of Burlington. It was a great city – smart, rich, educated, full of energy and fun.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

I had a few opportunities to meet him then. His hair always needed combing. His shirt always needed to be tucked in. Often, his socks didn’t match. And he smelled like soap. Bernie was always in a hurry and didn’t bother with anything that didn’t contribute to the common good of his beloved city. Oh, and he had more hair.

This morning, he’s talking about his sincere commitment to veterans and to the families of those currently serving. He is clear to callers that he has serious problems with the war(s), but honors the obligations we have to our military.

I hope that word reaches the troops in Afghanistan, where it is the 116th day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

4 responses to “Good morning

  1. Bernie’s a good man. He claims to be a socialist, but when you listen to his ideas, he’s actually pretty moderate, which in today’s political climate is far left.

    He’s on Thom Hartman’s program every Friday on the “Breakfast With Bernie” segment.


    • Following further on your point:

      Yesterday, Andrew Sulivan was lamenting how ‘extremist our political dialogue has become’. He added “a Reagan-Thatcher pragmatic Christian Tory like me is now a conservative heretic. And a centrist like Obama is a communist. God help us.”


  2. Very good post Moe! Very human story telling and I kiked that alot! Good job. I don’t know Mr.Sanders personally or much politically. my perception is that he’s a left wing Ron Paul. Great post and very humanizing! Support our troops!


    • I suppose he could be defined that way, as both of them are true to their party’s core principles and they’ve resisted the corruption of Washington.

      They stand firm. I like that.


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