A sweet racket

You’re a pundit, or a political reporter, or a columnist. And you write a book.  All your buds and peers on cable TV have you on three or four times to make sure your book moves in the stores. Then you have them on your show when they write their book. Don’t have a show? Plug it when you’re a guest, plug it in a column. Tit for tat, folks, tit for tat. Keep the circle moving, pick up the speed and pretty soon you think you’re going somewhere!  Adore at each other’s altars. Cable masturbation.

5 responses to “A sweet racket

  1. Somebody was drinking the cynicism-juice this morning 😉

    Good take on that!


  2. Given your ‘name’ . . . you may enjoy a point made earlier today by The Book Guy. In an interesting post about the recent Supreme Court decision, he said “I argue that unlimited political spending by corporations is too loud.” Thought that summed it up pretty well.



  3. I love it loud!

    But, you’re right, he makes an excellent point.


  4. The Little Rock

    I like this. Perhaps this phenomena is contributing to my current bout of apathy with all things pundit related. Instead of “cable masturbation” I’d say it’s a big circle jerk. Sorry to be crude. Just once I’d like to see someone say to their guest, “You know, I’m not really interested in your book. My company thought it was a good idea to have you on because they also have a stake in the sales of your book. This is just free advertisement. You have the floor. I’m going to pretend I care.”


    • You have it exactly right, and said it much better than I.

      These people are just in love iwth each other. A few old time bloggers call them either the ‘villagers’ or the ‘heathers’. Both work pretty well I think.

      They dine together, they party together, they summer together. And they do that with the DC political and social establishment and their odd and insular culture enables a great deal of what’s wrong in DC.

      [Instead of “cable masturbation” I’d say it’s a big circle jerk. Sorry to be crude.]
      You don’t think I was crude? And I was trying so hard. Damn.


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