Well lookee here!

My President has needed some good news. He’s needed some good news very badly.

In today’s media world, only headlines count, so here are a few headlines that will make it to the top of the newscasts. It’s not jobs, but it’s a welcome bit of good news.


U.S. economy soars in fourth quarter of 2009


GDP Expands at 5.7% Rate


U.S. Economy Grew at Fastest Pace in 6 Years Last Quarter

7 responses to “Well lookee here!

  1. But… but… the stimulus didn’t work… Obama is a failure… um…


  2. Awesome. I really like Obama as a person and hope he succeeds for all our sake. I grow weary, however, as I wish Obama would start doing more for poor people like me. 😦 I think that even if our president is totally successful, there will still be people who will hate him. I do not want to upset anybody by bringing this up out of the blue, but, I know for a fact that Carter was right. Some people are racist towards our president. I am a 28 year old, White Male. And I promise you Moe, that on several occasions, I have heard white people, even family and friends of mine, use hateful and racist speech about our president. Mostly always white men. I hate racism like nothing else. I hate to bring that up, but it is the truth.


    • Never apologize for speaking the truth! Of course there’s racism and it infuses a lot of what we hear out there.

      But as someone who’s way older than you, let me tell you that the racial dynamics in this country are so vastly improved from what they were when I was your age. It’s an entirely different universe really. I lived through the Civil Rights years and the freedom buses and the march to Birmingham and the ultimate march on Washington.

      Given the amount of change I’ve seen in my own lifetime, I’d say I have to be enthused by who we are as a people. It’s been quite remarkable and it happened in 40 years.


  3. That is cool, thanks. I bet in those times, you would have never thought to see an A.A president! So I believe you, we have come far. But we still have a ways to go. Peace.


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