Good afternoon

Because there’s no hope for me, I had MSNBC on early this morning, listening to that table of silly talkers . . .

Altogether too much attention was being paid to that ultimate carpetbagger, flip-flopper extraordinaire, Harold Ford of Tennesse New York State. There was gossipy speculation about who Chuck Schumer would really support in the upcoming primary – Ford or the sitting Senator.

This is why we get the big bucks

But they couldn’t actually know, because, as the always-sharp-as-a-balloon Joe Scarborough asked “Where is the truth? We need some truth tellers out there.”

Out there??? Out there?

This clown thinks he’s staring at a camera on a news channel because millions want to look at him.  He may as well have said “Well I”m just going to sit right here and keep a sharp eye out for some of them thar truth tellers.”

Because it would be a distraction to look beyond his oddly oversized nose to see if  there’s anything going on in Afghanistan, where his nation is engaged in a War, as it has been for nine years. Today is the 110th day there.

4 responses to “Good afternoon

  1. Moe how could you do that?? Bad mouth Joe Scarborough!! Of all the people Joe is the best!! Entertaining and uhmm entertaining!!! I love my morning Joe. Better than the crazies on Fox and Friends!


    • Sorry JP – I actually enjoyed the show a lot when it first came on the air, but as time went on I kept getting annoyed by how much amusement they were getting out of things I considered serious. They are entertaining; that’s true. But I must be losing my sense of humor – or I’m correct that Mika B is a refugee from 1975 who has a giant crush on Joe. And then I have to look away.

      So I guess you don’t think Joe looks the banjo kid in Deliverence???


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