Drinking games . . .

If I could still drink, I’d jump enthusiastically into the multitudinous SOU drinking games around the intertubes.  So in lieu of a sip of  Johnnie on the rocks, I’ll take a big spoonful of Cherry Garcia. Oh, wait! I don’t have any Cherry Garcia! In fact, it’s not looking too celebratory anywhere in the fridge (not that I’ll be celebrating unless he comes out with Ali and some gloves) – I don’t think grape tomatoes will do it. The spinach was so old it went into the pasta sauce concoction thingee in the skillet this evening. And that leaves V-8 and some arugala. Also some Brie. Lots of condiments. Ahh, eggs? Skim milk. Butter! Popcorn. It’s come down to popcorn. And so it will be.

Let the games begin.

4 responses to “Drinking games . . .

  1. Man, I sympathize with you. Because I am prescribed a medication that is opiate based, I cannot drink alcohol. That is especially hard after work, on a hot day, when I want a cold budweiser. I wish I had some Ben & Jerry’s too! You know, if I was you…I would take the tomatoes, and chop them real fine, and then take the arugula, and chop it fine as well, take the eggs, and put them in a container, add a tablespoon or two of skim milk, and then, add some chunks of brie, then add the tomatoes, and the arugula. Grease a skillet with the butter, and make you an awesome omelet! Anyway, that is what I would do.


  2. No, I had planned to…but because I had gotten up early, and had a long day, I fell asleep. I went online and read the transcript, though. Not really impressed. I used to really like Obama, as I thought he was fiscally far left. But nothing this President says moves me anymore. Show me. He spent alot of time defending earlier policies-yada-yada-bank bail out-yada-yada-recovery act-yada. I like the idea of using the 30 bil. on small business, tax cuts, etc. The thing that really tics me off, though, is the spending freeze. Although I have traditional values, I am a Communist. That means I am the exact opposite of pigs like McCain. And I just think our President is giving in to the right wingers whims. We spend to much on the military, International Affairs, etc. Freeze that. Leave everything else alone. Anyway, that is just my humble opinion. ;~p


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