Good morning

CNN is on the teevee telling me that as of last week, Laredo TX, a city of a quarter million people, has no bookstores.

Access to books – an essential ingredient of a free society. Maybe they’ll get a book store when the troops come back from Afghanistan, where it is the 108th day of the War there.

After all, George Bush told us we were fighting for our freedom.

10 responses to “Good morning

  1. Being the grumpy old fart that I am, I believe those damn electronic book thingies should be banned.

    Kurt Vonnegut is my fiction hero….
    Well, him AND Kilgore Trout.

    And, even secular people end up in heaven, whatever heaven is.


    • I don’t have a Kindle and am not likely to own one ever. I too LOVE my books. I love to touch them. I love to reread them. I even like to just look at them all lined up there ready when I am.

      Kindle is a godsend to travelers though. You can download a dozen books before your trip and never have to carry a big heavy tome.

      Vonnegut rules!


  2. Sounds like hell.
    Nowhere to hide, nowhere to calm, nowhere to find new little friends for joy and laughter.


  3. Maybe you folks do not understand us Texans. Now while I am somewhat shocked that there are no bookstores in Laredo, as we have many in Ft. Worth; Texas is very modern. We are in the west, not hick-ville. Like, 99% of everyone is online. We have amazon, e-bay, etc. We can read books on our browser. Print, not just books, is dying out down here in Texas. Hope that may clarify things a bit.


    • No disrespect on my part, I just love bookstores and wouldn’t live without them. Print is dying everywhere, sadly. But you’re also right, one could enjoy a good book at home even in print, without bookstores. They’re just so good little things in the local community..


    • Texas: That wasn’t a comment on Texas; it was a comment on the state of the book publishing industry. I know Texas is cool, in spite of having given us one little thing . . .


  4. When you say “one little thing”, I assume you refer to W. Believe it or not, most Texans despise him now, although they worshipped him at one time. Aside from that, most Texans are (unfortunetly) Republican. They somehow equate a belief in Biblical values with the GOP. Alas, most Texans are fools. Not as stupid as people from, say, Kentucky, but not nearly as smart as, say, New Yorkers. (God, I hate admitting that.) I guess I am not so “typical”, in that respect… Anyway, yeah, any kind of book-print-music retail is going down fast, for obvious reasons. BTW- I did not understand your post on Sensico, you know which one. It offended me, as I thought your post was a jab at me. My apologies.


  5. Maybe Borders Corp doesnt want their employees to be kidnapped by Mexican Druglords.
    JK, that is amazing, I almost dont believe it, I feel i can count half a dozen within 10 miles of my suburban Detroit home as we speak….


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