Stinkin’ liars

If health care fails to pass, it will mark the most remarkable victory of an industry lobbying effort in my life. The very saddest part of it will be that these people – who work against American interests – convinced Americans to go along.

Let’s never forget: corporations do not have any national allegiance. Corporations have no moral imperatives.

9 responses to “Stinkin’ liars

  1. Corporations have no moral imperatives.


    They exist to make money. And they make money by providing better and cheaper goods that people willingly exchange money for.

    They do not exist to take money from you and give it to me. That reduces your Liberty and is not natural.

    If you feel that poor people who could not otherwise afford medical care should have medical care, you should be willing to part with your money voluntarily.


    • [They exist to make money.] And that’s fine. But I don’t want them twisting Congress to do their bidding. Congress DOES have a national allegiance. They should have a more adversarial relationship.


  2. You know, on the money in politics issue – the chinese lobby is a growing headache. Money controlling Congress and America is one thing – but foreign money.. that’s becoming a colony.


    • Mac – the Chinese certainly aren’t the first. I said over at Ben’s place that unless we face this lobbying scourge and the attendant money, we’re sunk. Imagine public financing of elections – the real kind. It would be way cool to see congress doing the people’s work instead of spending all their time raising money for the next election cycle. A girl can dream . . .

      Pino – I’m quite willing to part with money in the form of my tax dollars. I believe in community giving and the only way you do that in a community of over 300million is through the Federal government. Okay with me.


      • It struck me reading Plouffe here – on the obama race – how it’s so taken for granted, that it’s all about money. Running a business, molding candidate and message for money money money. The votes and polls are then just bought.

        But another disturbing part of the book is obamas reluctance in the beginning of the campaign, where he almost admits he regrets running. He’s not made for fights and pressure, and it shows.. Plus, he’s making some bad mistakes, misjudging people and being too selfconfident.

        A long argument, but to miss the importance of perception in political fights is too basic a fault. Also, not understanding the need for games in negotiations, so all parties feels emotionally satisfied afterwards, this is too basic.

        It not so sure he’ll choose to run again in 2012. He’s already said that that could be the case. And he could do public service in other ways with lots more skill and a whole lot more enjoyment.

        If so, watch how Hillary is moving things into place this year.

        Well well, enough of this world affair analysis from the couch here..


        • Bet it beats reading ‘Game Change’!

          About 20 years ago I began noticing that we’d moved from having candidates every four years to having an entire candidate ‘industry’. The pollsters, managers, strategists, even the front men – they wanted to work full time. And pretty soon they were.

          Interesting comments on 2012. New to me. I shall mull this . . .


          • And this industry works just like american idol..
            Wow – just on SitRoom now – the high court decision to allow even worse campaign spending. “The darkest day of high court in american history”. From bad to worse.


            • The moment I heard that decision announced, my heart jumped into my throat. I don’t see any way this one gets undone before the corporate interests completely take over, making any future changes most unlikely. They’ll swoop in on the wings of victory and well, . . .

              The worst decision since Dred Scott. It took a good 75 years to move beyond that one. By the time we get past this one, our country may not resemble the nation we know today.

              (The 2000 election decision was in a class by itself. )


              • Well, maybe it’s just Rome all over. Money and power feeds on itself and implodes. The Union dissolves – and we have lots of warring states in northern America.

                And then the permanent middle-eastern complexity of tribes, faiths, bad blood and fights over history and territory.

                Before some ice-age wipes it all out.


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