Who knew? There’s money in it

FROM ANDREW SULLIVAN today. By these figures, marriage in this country appears to make much more money for all of us than divorce. Maybe that fact will overcome the cultural resistance. After all, money is money. Business is business. And what’s good for business “is good for the U.S.A.!”

(Besides, I want to go to some more weddings and the only people left among my friends and family who aren’t already married are gay. So loosen up everyone and let’s have a party!)

16 Jan 2010 09:15 am

The Searchable Harper’s Index

Commence time suck. Type in “gay marriage” and find:

Amount that the U.S. wedding industry would gain each year if gays wed at the same rate as straights: $17,000,000,000

Amount that U.S. divorce attorneys would gain if gays also divorced at the same rate: $1,900,000,000

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