In other news, Elvis* is still dead

What a delight to come home from a thrilling evening at the theatre and see Kevin Drum on the Moyers show. I’ve never seen him before, although I began reading his stuff a decade ago, when he was one of my early blogstops. At his then blog, CalPundit, he originated the practice of “Friday Cat Blogging” – now widely imitated. HIs beat, then as now, was current events. He’s been at Mother Jones for a few years now and he, along with David Corn of the same magazine were Moyers’ guests tonight.

As usual, a terrific and informative hour. About the financial services industry, about Geitner (his chief of staff is a former Goldman Sacks lobbyist – good god!) and Bernanke and Obama and what needs to be done and isn’t being done. And about how thoroughly that industry has the Congress doing its bidding. It’s a grim picture and Drum pointed to the failure of the media, the business press in particular.

Another great show from that commie, pinko, faggot, anti-American Baptist minister. Thank goodness he’s retiring and we won’t have to hear any more of this nonsense. We have better things to do.

* And it’s Elvis’ 75th birthday today. Maybe he would know what to do.

10 responses to “In other news, Elvis* is still dead

  1. say happy birthday to Elvis!

    thank you for the reflections.

    You stay cool, Moe:)


  2. I love Bill Moyer. It’s only natural the man retire some day, but I’m going to miss him tremendously.


    • At least there are years of shows archived at the PBS site. I’m sure they’ll keep them there and we can watch the ones we missed.

      Moyers is a national treasure.


      • I watch his episodes from their website a few times a week. There are a few that I just really enjoy that I tend to watch them over and over. Learning something new each time.

        Journalism today is in such a horrible state. What really impresses me about Moyers is not just the material he covers, but how engaging he is with his interviews. He *listens* to their answers and his next question is based on that answer… not based on a list he has sitting in front of him.

        Nothing frustrates me more these days than watching these “hard hitting interviews” and no challenge to the answers are made. It’s just a read down the pre-approved list of questions. Ugh!


        • Before his death, Tim Russert had become a one trick pony. The trick was to ask a question, get an answer and then whip out ‘proof’ that the person had held a different opinion eleven years ago! As silly and annoying as it was, it became the gold standard for those types of interviews and now we have a gajillion Russert wanna be’s out there. They don’t understand that it isn’t about them. And it isn’t about playing gotcha.

          Moyers understands.


  3. What was your thrilling night in the theatre?


  4. Did you go to BLUE/ORANGE? We tried to see it in London but couldn’t; now it has come to us.


    • It was “I Am My Own Wife” Jeremy Heideman from Pillowman played the role; Allan directed. Jay H was there with Kay Kipling, so watch their blogs. I thought it was wonderful, but as you know I think everything is wonderful. The kid really is a good actor.

      Where/what is Blue/Orange?


  5. Saw WIFE a couple years ago and it’s a powerful piece. Ble/Orange is a very well know but seldom produce play dealing with mental health – it’s on now at the Conservatory.


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