I don’t need no stinking support

So Palin is losing  CPAC for hurting their feelings. And she’s losing The American Spectator for hurting CPAC.  And the American Spectator is telling her to ‘get over yourself.” Wow.

These are not the moves of a politician seeking office; not unless the candidate is clueless . . . oh.

INTERESTING UPDATE: From Nate Silver via “[T]here’s going to come a time, probably in July 2011 or so, where the knives are really drawn on Palin and Republican pundits, strategists and candidates start saying in public some of the things they’ve been thinking in private. And that in all likelihood will play very well for her. Although the Establishment’s concerns about Palin’s viability as a general election candidate are well grounded, mostly they’re just terrified of her because she doesn’t need them.”

6 responses to “I don’t need no stinking support

  1. wow! that was news. wonder where she will go the next few years.. maybe a generic celebrity?


    • I’ve always thought that was what she was ‘running for’. The old fame and fortune. Got a taste of it on the campaign trail and, after all, what’s not to like – it’s all wine and roses.


    • Well.. it’s fake and exhausting as well. Intoxicating probably – but mostly they look like hurt and strained animals. And you get lots of envy and isolation – wrapped in a golden cage.


  2. And yet no matter how bad it gets, there are a frightening amount of people who still adore her and would vote for her.


    • And it’s so puzzling – that so many actually vote for someone they just adore – with no regards to competence or consequence.

      Like I really like Jon Stewart – but for president..? Or who knows..


    • It feels kind of tribal to me and has for a long time. Seems not to have anything at all to do with political philosophies – bumper stickers do not a philosophy make – has to do with someone who reinforces their own prejudices, their own anger and of course, although they don’t realize it, their own fear. The world scares them as it moves on and becomes less and less like them. It’d be quite sad if it weren’t so damn dangerous.


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