Iraq? Um, where’s that?

There’s Afghanistan. There was Iran. Pakistan was headline worthy. And now Yemen – at least every American third grader can finally find Yemen on a map. We do move on, don’t we?

I was wondering this morning if electricity in Baghdad has returned to pre-war levels yet.

13 responses to “Iraq? Um, where’s that?

  1. noble question, Moe?

    you wink
    at pink
    with No ink
    to stink
    but simply think.

    have a beautiful one,


  2. I’m hurting a bit over this yemen-business.. heard on the news about Sudan about to split – and needs help. More problems and nations falling apart. Just been a bit too many bad headlines the last few weeks..


    • Does feel like a drum beat leading up to something, doesn’t it. Disturbing.


    • Well, the president didn’t look so tired just now. That’s good. But beating this qaeda-stuff – how difficult could it be?

      And another thing – media will drive this american empire down… Can you imagine how a fcukuped little boy on a vain fantasy-mission feels, when the most powerful empire on earth are so easily scared? it’s more than annoying. one stupid little kid? don’t think the romans or egpytians had those kind of problems..


    • on right now – gibbs and napolitano. i can’t help it – i always imagine she’s thinking about dinner or something domestic.


      • That’s way sexist – and apparently you know it!

        Jones is great – so candid. She’s doing good too. But I loved the end of Obama’s statement – he addressed that business about us being such wussies and we need to stop that. (I think his language was a bit more dignified)


      • hehe.. not really. she just looks so disinterested in her stuff. a lot of men looks like they’re thinking of dinner too 😉 but point taken, sorry, no disrespect, and i’ll watch the language!

        but man – the “dots” in this case… you spend hundreds of billions in wars – and some lazy bureaucrats just doesn’t give a damn. or worse – it’s all about efficiency and money. cut security for cheaper faster flights. or maybe those tasks are considered boring or low-status among colleagues or something. imagine if it did blow up.. oooops!


        • Our intelligence community has a long long history of missing the boat. They missed the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of communism. They got it wrong on the Bay of Pigs. God knows they missed 9-11. They sure as hell got that weapons of mass destruction thing wrong. And there’s much much more.

          But even if it were all perfect, in the end it always comes down to human judgment. And given that, we’ll probably miss one of these lone terrorists again. We ain’t perfect.


        • Like some say.. it’s dangerous to be alive.
          Accidents happen all the time. At home, crossing the street, you get sick, you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s normal, and we’re used to it.


          • But when it happens to hundreds of people at a time, it’s much much harder to accept. You know, the old xxx number of children get malaria every year and it doesn’t register, but a single kid can grab our hearts. Human nature. Go figure.


          • Exactly.
            And something about control. These instincts sorrounding fear and danger, as well as empathy and care – they’re not always that helpful or spot-on adjusted!


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