Helen Thomas, White House scourge

Have watched a number of White House press conferences over the last months. It’s very instructive. Good old Helen Thomas continues her decades long challenge to sitting presidents. She is like the mosquito flapping aorund your face that you cannot swat away – it keeps coming back and heading for the same soft spot.

And I am reminded of how the Bush administration dealt with it by demeaning and trying to banish the eighty-year old doyen of the press corps. They were such wusses.

I’m watching one now. And Jake Tapper is such a pill. Chuck Todd is a pill in training.

UPDATE: Also Carl Cameron Major Garrett. Carl Cameron Major Garrett is also a pill.

FURTHER UPDATE:  In another post, I took another swipe at Jake Tapper. Who – honest, I am NOT kidding – commented to let me know I  misspoke. He was correct. He was cordial in every way. I replied in the thread  with an apology (of sorts) but there’s no word back  to date. It must mean I am not the center of Jake Tapper’s world. And I thought . . .

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