Restoration number 7 – “There they go again!”

Originally posted December 27, 2009 – there were three comments

Oh CNN, CNN. It’s important or it isn’t!

Because I watch way too much television . . .was happily watching Christine Amanpour when CNN switched to breaking news. Real news, I will give them that. (the Delta flight with suspicious guy on board). They have stayed in breaking news mode now for 28 minutes. And something I have never seen before – commercials broke into the program right in the middle of the report and came back to an anchor who had no awareness that there’d ever been a commercial break.

I’m going to guess that these commercials were pre-programmed for Amanpour’s recorded show and when that was replaced with live news, the programming was not cancelled.

Perhaps someone out there who works in TV can explain. I wonder if it has anything to do with reduced staff levels.
Or maybe, as is often the case, CNN really doesn’t give a shit about news.

UPDATE: Odd. We are now 17 minutes past the time slot for the Amanpour show and the oddly timed commercials are still occurring. Odd, odd, odd.

TALKANDPOLITICS SAID: “You know, cable died today. Mentioned Daily Dish will stick to this day – the emotions of revolution in Iran ’09.

I replied with something – lord knows what.

TALKANDPOLITICS ALSO SAID: So I’ve seen – and laugh ever time 🙂 I still miss it though – a good anchor to guide you through all the noise.

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