Restoration number 6 – Good morning

Originally posted December 29, 2009  – there were six comments and I cannot locate all of them.

C'mon over

Steve Clemons, founding member of  The New Americas Foundation and proprietor of The Washington Note has a column at Talking Points Memo today. He’s a foreign policy guy and a pretty smart one.  He reminds us that Osama Bin Laden’s goals – stated prior to 9-11 and repeated since then – include destabilizing the Middle East by drawing in America (and hurting America’s economic security by so doing).

“National security officials in the administration need to go back and Peter Bergen‘s Holy War, Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden in which he recounts many aspects of bin Laden’s plan from the Islamic extremist uber-guru’s own words – which was to draw the US deeply into the Middle East, and by its presence — destabilize the governments in the region.”

On this, the 82nd day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan, while the neo-cons are braying for attacks on Yemen and Iran, I gotta ask my fellow citizen. How’s that going for you?

Here are the comments I’ve located. I post them here as a courtesy to the commenters.

SUSIE said “Time to bring back the draft”. I agreed strongly.

TALKANDPOLITICS said “Man… I just saw some quips from Yemeni officials – US must support us more, or else terror bla bla bla.. It’s the same all over, one more foot in the quicksand. But the Saudis (and Bin Ladins), how are they doing? Not much blow-ups there? Filthy rich? Got the two holiest cities? Are they just pulling strings here?”

I replied.

TALKANDPOLITICS then said: “You know.. the middle eastern way of navigating chaos and ambiguities, the whole smoke and mirrors culture, you can’t beat them. So many layers of proxies and deceits.. I think most arabic words have at least 20-30 meanings – depending on context and relation. And the egyptian concept of “soon” is said to be 60-70 years – a few seconds for the pyramids.”

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