Oh no.

I just deleted every post I published since December 26. I am pretty upset. More  later.

UPDATE: I’ve been finding some of them via comments links (who knew? go through that door and the post is still there!). Now I have to try to find some caches in google or somewhere. If anyone has any of my content, please let me know. Of course,  I’ve no idea why anyone would have any, but obviously given this morning’s event, I still have a great deal to learn.

3 responses to “Oh no.

  1. I hate it when that happens! So sorry! I watched that terrific clip about the presidents, and when I went back moments later to show my husband, it was gone. Would some chocolate help? Maybe?


    • I’m reconstructing a few of them – apparently older emails announcing comments to a post will still bring you to the post itself – it’s kind of inert, but you can copy for later paste. Hope I get them all. Also it they’ve been up long enough, you can sometimes find a cached copy at google. I now know what I’ll be doing with the next few hours!
      (Chocolate always helps!)


    • The Presidents’ video is back up. Go get your husband again!


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