Happy New Year everyone. My striped socks and I are retiring.

6 responses to “2010

  1. Happy New Year! I found your link on Jingle’s blog. Just thought I would say hello..

    Gerardine Baugh


  2. Good morning and Happy New Year Moe!


    • Well, it’s good evening for me Steve, as I’ve been away from computers all day. That’s harder than it should be. Must think about that.

      Happy New Year guy.


  3. Striped Socks?

    You live in the warmth, there should be no need for the evil known as socks. :>

    Happy New Year Moe 😉


    • Even in the warmth the winds sneak in from the wicked northern climes bringing something known locally as FREEZING WEATHER!!! (That would be anything below 65F). Actually, tomorrow nite we hit the 30’s. Really.


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