Charlie is one of the kids I love. He’s only ten. But he’s so bright that when talking to him, I quite forget that he is in fact a child. The most remarkable thing about his wonderful mind and facility with language is that – at his young age – he is fully conversant with irony, sarcasm and even snark. Is this even possible? Yea or nay, it’s one of the many reasons I love Charlie.  (He’s also very kind – not a quality found often in kids his age, but Charlie is thoroughly decent and kind.)

However, even the snarkiest and most sarcastic of young’uns can’t resist going all kid when presented with puppies. (This picture is from a summer trip. Charlie came home with one of those pups and named him Tuck.)

2 responses to “Charlie

  1. What a nice thing to read about your kid! I don’t know if this proves that Charlie was simple born compassionate but when he was as young as 6 months or so when ever another baby at his day care would cry he would cry. He showed compassion at a very young age as well. Needless to say I too think Charlie is an amazing kid and thank God for the privilege of being his Mom.


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