Home for the holidays? Bah humbug.

I actually stayed up last night to hear the roll call on the 1:00 am vote on the Senate’s health care bill. (It passed with exactly 60 votes.)

And the second last speaker before the vote was GOP leader Mitch McConnell. And he, like the speakers before him, deplored – deplored I tell you – how the Dems were “sneaking this vote and doing it in the middle of the night.”

The 1:00 am time for the vote was expected by all news organizations and heavily covered in the days leading up to last night’s vote. And the Senate arguments have been on teevee – my teevee anyway – for almost a month. Sneaky.

Why 1:00 am? Reid could have held matters over till midday or afternoon today of course. But all the Dems wanted to wrap it up so they could hit the airports and be homeward bound this morning. The GOP, on the other hand, had absolutely no plans to go home at all and would have been absolutely thrilled to stay a few more days and prevent that sneaky, middle of the night stuff.

UPDATE: Hard as it is to believe, I got something wrong here. So I take back all that stuff about jumping on planes. Seems the actual floor vote is still scheduled for before Christmas, which probably means Christmas Eve. Although I have no idea why it has to stall like that. Did they not vote last night to move to a vote?

But the balance of what I said – about the feigned outrage at the ‘sneaky middle of the night vote’ – continues to be true.

5 responses to “Home for the holidays? Bah humbug.

  1. hehe – great update!
    but it’s unbelievable if they get this through.
    last one is thursday 7pm right?

    what’s next – merge the bills, vote anew and finally sign by the president?


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