Okay, just one more thing

CNN is on my teevee and it occurs to me that the daytime anchors who are gushing with the ‘latest’ on the State Dinner party crashers really-really-sincerely-honestly-absolutely-and-who-wouldn’t believe that this story in fact is terribly terribly important and that it is almost as important as Tiger Woods’ bad job of backing out of his driveway.

In other news, we’re still in two wars, the economy is still tanking, people are still out of work and . . . wait! Hold the presses! New top story – man fights alligator. And it is on my teeveee because someone somewhere got that little baby with their cell phone and emailed it to old CNN. Also, a old man is pushing and shoving a young woman. Wow. Big news day.

3 responses to “Okay, just one more thing

  1. Where you expecting a in depth look at the causes and consequences of what is going on in the US?

    Lending a historical perspective, alternative viewpoints and rational debate might educate people and allow them to form unacceptable opinions on how the country is run.

    My money was on the alligator….


  2. we’re still in two wars

    Ending one, wining the other.

    the economy is still tanking

    No; the economy is growing. It’s still bad,, but it’s not “still tanking”.

    people are still out of work

    This is true.


    • Either way Pino, the tragedy is that those things are not leading the cable news. Man fighting alligator is leading. Or Tiger. Or lady in red dress. Or whatever dreck these people seem to think is ‘news’. And these days, that means anything that doesn’t cost them money or require real reporting.


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