And yet, it could be worse

I’m flabbergasted. Flabbergasted.

2 responses to “And yet, it could be worse

  1. Thanks for giving me the heads-up on the link to my post from the NYT. I suppose it could either be a broken link or I inadvertantly cut part of the web address off in my comment on the NYT. Sorry you went to so much trouble.
    Regarding your comment that the fundamentalist strain (in Christianity) has roots in American history, I agree. The first and second Great Awakenings, for example. The first was in the 1740’s (Jonathan Edwards, for example…fires of hell sermons). Although there is fundamentalism around the world, there does seem to be a uniquely American Christian evangelicalism (e.g. the megachurches and the related non-denominationalism focused on individual pastors).
    Anyway, thanks. I will work harder to make sure reaching my blog is easy.


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