I’ve been wondering too . . .

Sarah Palin’s book has no index. Lots of books don’t have indexes. But not lots of books published by a major house like Harper-Collins. Those books have indexes. And if the author didn’t submit one, I feel pretty confident that the publisher would see to it that an index would be created as part of the finished product. Standards and all.

But the published book has no index. And I am just checking Andrew Sullivan and today he asks “And who was the fact-checker at HarperCollins?”

Were there compromises to get this book out for the Christmas shopping season?

5 responses to “I’ve been wondering too . . .

  1. She’s even a maverick when it comes to indexes! 🙂


  2. And who was the fact-checker at HarperCollins?”

    Would the book not need to contain ‘facts’ in the first place to warrant the need of a fact-checker?



  3. *primps hair and nestles crown in appropriately*

    *happy wiggle*


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