More Oliver

This morning I’ve been trolling some blogs I haven’t visited in a while. Old favorites, including Oliver Wills. I don’t know when I got out of the habit of checking in with him. When Oliver first moved into my line of sight, I think he was about 13 years old. Well, maybe he was 20. Or 21. Or something. His archives appear to be offline, so I can’t confirm when he began blogging. But I followed him pretty closely for a number of years. He was young and had such a fresh perspective. And it was cool to be my age and learn from someone so much younger. And it was reassuring to see someone his age caring enough to be informed. And in those days his graphics theme was all Superman, all the time. And I respected that!

This morning he brings us a little reality check. And he asks ‘where were the tea parties then?’



2 responses to “More Oliver

  1. I assume it was because ‘their guy’ was in power and well he was just bringing freedom and democracy to the world, and that is expensive business.


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