Good morning

It’s early enough in the morning to consider going back to bed. But I doubt our troops can do that today, the 45th day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.

4 responses to “Good morning

  1. I think we have similar thoughts when it comes to Afghanistan.


    • Good post, A. Agree with every word.
      LBJ faced the same decision re Vietnam that Obama is facing now re Afghanistan. And I’m terribly afraid. The awful truth – for LBJ and BHO both – is that there are no good choices. Once in, there is no way out. God help us.


  2. I hope that the US can navigate out of an imperial war in Afghanistan. I can see the historical parallels between the two conflicts.

    The root of this problem is that the War on Terror is self perpetuating, once started it cannot be stopped unless it is agreed that nouns cannot have war committed upon them.

    A ‘war’ on poverty and the economic disequilibrium which is characteristic of our world would do much to alleviate the strife that we are currently plagued with.

    Sounds pie in the sky, but imagine if we had spent the 1 billion dollars per month peaceably in Iraq instead of bombing them back to the stone age.



    • I’m afraid our national mentality requires an ‘enemy’ to fight. Except for the period between the Civil War and WWI, I don’t think we’ve ever been without an enemy. Cold War ended and we embraced the opportunity of 9-11 to declare a new and all consuming war. And since terrorism will always be with us, it’s a never ending war. Keeps Boeing et all happy you know.

      I grieve for us, that we value weapons over little children; we value war over education; we value commerce over beauty. But that’s who we are. Our constant challenge is to be more than that. At times it feels that instead, we celebrate the status quo.

      And I’ll never get over my anger about how we screwed up Iraq and Afghanistan. What a bloody waste!


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