We are truly kidding ourselves

It we really think Congress and  the associated agencies give a damn about decent governance. I wonder who owns the FEC these days?  Imagine this scenario: Congress passes a clearly reformist law. They look good doing it and pose for the pictures which no doubt will be used in the next campaign. And then their buddies at the Federal Election Commission undo things and we’re right back where we were. And  I guess Congressman It’s-All-About-Me gets to fly on the Goldman-Sacks jet again. (h/t Eric Alterman)

Wonder if this will make the nightly news?

3 responses to “We are truly kidding ourselves

  1. Hello Moe

    I like how you put it – who owns the FEC?
    Who owns 90% of Congress and the Senate?
    Who owns Brock O’Bama?
    Who owned the Little Bush Child?
    Who owned Dirty-Dick Cheney?
    Who owns The Nightly News?

    We are a nation headed for a train-wreck on a planet whose biological platform needs to be put on life-support.

    Of all the issues crying and begging for our attention, I think – even at this dire moment – no political issue out there trumps that of the need to get politicians off the receiving end of corporate bribery. That’s what our federal campaign finance laws amount to legalized corporate bribery. If we don’t fix that, we don’t fix anything. Nightly news? That’s a good one!!! The beer’s coming out my nose!


    • Dan – couldn’t agree more. You’ll note that at the top of my site I say

      “If I have ‘an issue’, it is this: I believe in public financing of elections. I want to see the end of the eternal quest for campaign funds, a quest that has totally corrupted our political system. Our political class – mainly Federal – begin the day after they’re sworn in, raising the funds for re-election. This serves us poorly.”

      There are perhaps two more things that we need to do to avoid complete corporate control of what will be left of this country.

      One – somehow stop the consolidation of media.
      Two – put congressional redistricting into the hands of an independent body.

      Don”t know if you’re old enough to remember this, but once upon a time the Presidential debates were hosted by The League of Women Voters. Then the two parties created something called the Presidential Debate Commission and snapped that function away from the ladies – who were a rock solid nonpartisan organization. And the media went along. That pretty much knocked third parties out of the process.

      If we don’t get this stuff done, we real and truly do move into banana republic country without the dictator. We will always maintain the facade of elections. But right now, they have less and less credibility.


  2. Oh – I forgot some:

    Who owns Chevron/Texaco?
    Who owns the Federal Reserve?
    Who owns Goldman-Sachs?
    Ah… There!



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