I like this. I really like this.

An email from Susie with an interesting idea from Gene:

If  hawks want more war and 40,000 more troops, let Obama address the nation and say “you want foot soldiers? It will cost you.” Then announce an immediate tax increase to pay for these  40,000 unfortunates.”

What a novel idea – pay for our wars! Let us never forget that Afghanistan/Iraq were the first wars we ever fought that were not accompanied by a tax to pay for them. (But then, it wasn’t so easy to borrow from China in those days.)

And further, let us not forget that budgets for the last seven years did not include the wars – they were ‘funded’ by ‘supplementals’, so they stayed off the balance sheet. The current budget includes the cost of the wars.

One response to “I like this. I really like this.

  1. The point of our combined thoughts was not so much to finance “the war”, but rather to watch how quickly their enthusiam would fade if their taxes were indeed raised to pay for “the war.”
    Fairly certain you would see an abrupt change of heart.


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