Here comes that equivalency again

Listening to Tim Daly on Cspan’s Washington Journal, talking about an upcoming documentary he’s produced on the intersection of politics and celebrity. And the usual calls are coming in from outraged souls who find something wrong with actors et al being actual citizens and becoming engaged with the process. And that anger, as always, is directed at the Democratic celebrities (I’ve never seen it tossed about toward Republicans).

So – another little civics lesson for the angry ones. Celebrities actually come in various flavors and they hold political opinions. They are citizens and as such free to involve themselves in the glorious process.

Democrats’ celebrities come predominantly from the arts with a sprinkling of business names, and of those they tend to be people who have created their own fortunes. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs. And of course journalists, opinion writers and pundits.

GOP celebrities come predominantly from business and media (jounalists, pundits and opinion writers); the top CEO’s along with bank and financial service executives; corporate lawyers, and a sprinkling of celebrities from the arts.

But whenever the subject comes up, it seems the only celebrities identified as such and worthy of discussion are . . . oh, go ahead, you can take it from here.

4 responses to “Here comes that equivalency again

  1. prehistoric rocket science

    Why do they always harp on liberal celebs? There’s plenty of conservative nut-job stars out there, they usually just aren’t so vocal. Lot of second-rate TV stars in Congress, actors Fred Thompson, Wilfred Brimley, Bruce Willis, guys like Kid Rock. Of course, many more stick to Christian music and entertainment, ’cause they aren’t really that good…


  2. prehistoric rocket science

    Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Keifer Sutherland. Give me time, I’ll come up with more.


  3. prehistoric rocket science

    Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger


    • All great names. When’s the last time we heard anyone complain about those people getting involved in politics. Of course among those you’ve named, there is a Senator, a Governor and a Mayor. And let us not forget the biggest Hollywood name of them all – President! Ronald Reagan. And then there’s George Raft (actor) and Sonny Bono (singer) and on and on and on.


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