We are saved


Oh. My. God.

The Mother Jones’ blog has another one of those odd stories about an extreme organization (one that still manages to be invited into the mainstream dialogue. By NPR. And cable news.) It’s about a very paranoid right wing activist who is afraid, very afraid. Because a report by GAO suggested that  Homeland Security might want to look into a backup plan in case the swine flu epidemic caused too many millions of people to be at home and playing video games at the same time – resulting in a possible crash of the system (or whatever – there are thousands of people in government who worry about these sorts of things apparently).

Well, this guy – William Gheen – saw right through that. There was no doubt – Obama was going to take over the internets!!!! Activist that he is, Mr. Gheen went right to work to save us all.

“[Gheen] is going to set up alternative channels to help get its message out in the event of an Internet blackout.moving to create a phone bank that can be staffed with employees and volunteers to reach our supporters during such an emergency and attack on free speech.”

Well, that ought to do it!

2 responses to “We are saved

  1. The Little Rock

    I don’t generally wish things upon people, but I hope this Gheen fellow comes down with the H1N1. Perhaps then he’ll have his “Aha!” moment in which he realizes that it will be people like him – not Obama – that crash the internet. Of course he’ll probably spend his time blogging about how Obama’s minions gave him the H1N1 to shut him up. Crazy people…


    • I think if someone told him the US military (with gov’t $$$!) invented the internet, his head would explode before he could get his phone banks set up. But H1N1 first would be lovely.


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