There oughta be a law

liebermanSome would say that this chart shows Joe Lieberman to the be the very model of a centrist. Ah, but I must disagree. I believe it shows Lieberman to be a bottom-sucking smug opportunist (and the Senator most in need of a face lift*).

In 2004 Connecticut Democrats tossed him out in their primary, so he went all second-grade on them, put his fingers in his ears, stuck his tongue out (wagging it a bit) and said ‘oh yeah? I’ll show you!!!’. And then he ran as an Independent so that the Republicans in CT could elect him. And they did. And he’s still sticking that wrinkled old man tongue out – at  the very party that nominated him to be Vice President of the United States. I suppose we can now count that as a near miss. * For god’s sake Joe, do not go to the guy who did Tom DeLay. Awful job.

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