Reprise: United Breaks Guitars

My dear god – at this very hour, MSNBC is all excited:  they have discovered a really really cool music video! Really!

See this singer flew somewhere on United? And then, when he got there his, his, his guitar -oh my god – his guitar was BROKEN? And get this! He wrote a SONG about it!

Yup. He sure did – last year. And it’s been one of my favorites as well, ever since Dave Carroll created his delightful song in the spring of ’08 and posted it on You Tube where, along with about six million others, I’ve watched it.

MSNBC : If it happened, we’ll get around to it at some point.

If this is  new to you, enjoy…

There’s a follow up video as well, and it’s pretty good, but the original is still unparalleled.

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