It should have been Ned Lamont

lamont_narrowweb__300x340,0Been enjoying Nate Silver’s site a lot this morning. Plenty of good reading.  One story in particluar caught my eye because I’m becoming a bit fixated on Joe Lieberman, who has really ticked me off since he pulled his stunt in ’04. The story sports a really good headline.  Somebody Buy Joe Lieberman A Puppy. (Kind of made my morning.)

He examines a list of reasons why a senator might be obstructive on the public option and finds the usual suspects absent in Lieberman’s case. So why? What’s his motive?

“What Joe Lieberman wants, in all probability, is attention. He wants Harry Reid to have to stand up and say things like : “I don’t have anyone that I’ve worked harder with, have more respect for, in the Senate than Joe Lieberman.” He wants face time on Meet the Press. He wants to make liberals feel some pain — especially those who tried to get Ned Lamont elected in his place. He wants everyone to know how maverick-y he is.”

(Of course, face time on Meet the Press is out of the question because President McCain is booked solid through the end of the year.)

Silver then gets a bit more serious, and goes on to examine the possible outcomes, at least one of which could precipitate the door closing on the public option. He could sink Democrat’s 50-year pursuit of health care reform. Way to go Joe.  Bet Al Gore’s proud.

UPDATE:  Just plucked out this tidbit at Dependable Renegade and I’ll admit I have not run it thru The Google, but I’m going to go with it.

“Then again, Hadassah Lieberman is a lobbyist for Big Pharma . . . “

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