It’s the same thing

Today Glenn Beck, the staggering new intellect of the right, announced on his radio show that his newsletter now has 100K subscribers and “that’s more than The New York Times folks!”

Eh, so he’s off by a little. Let’s go to the numbers:

The New York Times trails in circulation only to USA Today and The Wall Street Journal . .  . In March 2009, the paper reported a circulation of 1,039,031 copies on weekdays and 1,451,233 copies on Sundays.

Perhaps this is a cool time to repeat a few numbers from a previous post about the notion of equivalency seen so often on cable news:

Cable news (except for FOX) seems to believe that whenever they cite a publication that is perceived to be liberal, they must also cite a publication perceived to be conservative.

The Washington Post – A publicly traded company
Daily audience 1,599,900

The Washington Times – A privately held company owned by the Rev. Sun Young Moon
Daily audience 83,511

The Weekly Standard – a privately held company
Can’t find circulation numbers, even at their own website, so to keep it fair(ish)
National Review – a privately held company
Weekly circulation 183,000

Time Magazine – A publicly traded company
Weekly circulation 3,400,000

May I again draw the reader’s attention to which of these publications thrive in the free market and which are rich men’s hobbies.

2 responses to “It’s the same thing

  1. Do people other than Moonies read the Washington Times? Scientologists, perhaps.


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