Sound and fury?

From the same NYT story as below, the actual viewership numbers show that FOX attracts approximately three times as many viewers in those prime time slots. O’Reilly at 8pm is on his way to a million viewers which is a huge number in cable news; CNN and MSNBC numbers are in the 200-300,000 range. All this only represents a unique subset of the overall viewing public, meaning they cannot be taken to reflect the larger public.  The figures may only mean that more conservatives watch cable news, which is quite possible since conservatives as a whole are older than the rest of the population.

4 responses to “Sound and fury?

  1. Things might improve if people decided that reading was more important than viewing.

    Admittedly you can echo-chamber in your library selections as well, but overall it is more likely you’ll grab a clue via reading that watching TV.


    • Just an observation there. Even with FOX beating the other cable channels, it’s still next to nothing in the larger scheme of things if the biggest show gets just over 800K viewers in a nation of 307 million people.

      But FOX people don’t read many book- not unless there’s a title that ends in an exclamation point!


  2. I happened by a tome by sean hannity called ‘let freedom ring’.

    For days everyone around me was always asking why are you laughing so hard.

    He is just as batshite crazy in text as he is on the air. Full marks for being consistent.


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